Lead your organization on its own personal path to success with customizable Roadmaps and tools.


Regardless of your company's improvement methodology - Lean, Six Sigma, or (often the case) a customized blend of methodologies best suited to your products and services, development and internal processes - Minitab Engage has the tools you need to execute projects efficiently.


Add value and eliminate waste. Lean organizations have the right resources in place doing the right work for the customer, with the right quality and at the right time. Project teams can access a comprehensive set of customizable Lean tools in files that are both easy to use and easy to share, and customizable Roadmaps™ include the tools and guidance needed to efficiently run Kaizen Events, Just Do It projects and more.

Lean Six Sigma

From project idea to problem solution, Minitab Engage provides the infrastructure, governance and tools for Lean Six Sigma program deployment. Follow a DMAIC Roadmap™ pre-populated with all the tools you need, or build your own to reflect your company's improvement methodology. Project data rolls up to your dashboard automatically, so you get up-to-the-minute reporting on hard and soft savings, project duration, number of projects started and more.

Design for Six Sigma

Ensure successful developments from requirements definition to final qualification test with Minitab Engage's integrated DFSS toolkit. Use a Concept-Design-Optimize-Verify roadmap through each step. And for Quality Function Deployment, information is automatically shared between the requirements list in the pairwise comparison matrix, houses of quality and design scorecards. Plus, a Monte Carlo Simulation tool can take your models directly from Minitab and help you characterize, understand and optimize your product or process by envisioning numerous scenarios and their projected impact.

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