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Decision Tools Suite

Palisades Decision Tools Suite är en komplett samling av risk- och analysverktyg.

Vill du veta vilka möjligheter du har att tjäna pengar på nästa investering? Vilka alla beslutsalternativ kommer med störst sannolikhet att ge bäst avkastning? Hur mycket ska investeras i de olika projekten för att få maxi mal avkastning på projektportföljen?       Läs mer


@RISK är ett riskanalysverktyg baserat på Monte Carlo simulering som visar möjliga utfall i ditt Microsoft Excel blad och som talar om sannolikheten att de händer. Det betyder att du kan ta beslut om vilka risker som ska tas och vilka risker som bör undvikas.

It mathematically and objectively computes and tracks many different possible future scenarios, then tells you the probabilities and risks associated with each different one. This means you can judge which risks to take and which ones to avoid, allowing for the best decision making under uncertainty.   Läs mer


PrecisionTree performs decision analysis in Microsoft Excel using decision trees and influence diagrams. Decision trees let you visually map out complex, multi-layered decisions in a sequential, organized manner. This helps you identify all possible alternatives and choose the best option.    Läs mer


TopRank performs automated "what if" sensitivity analysis on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. You can define any output or "bottom line" cell or cells, and TopRank will automatically find and vary all input cells which affect your output. The end result is identification and ranking of all input factors which affect your bottom line.

Greater Than the Sum of its Parts Each component of the DecisionTools Suite can perform a powerful analysis. When you combine these products, you can achieve more complete results than any single program can provide.   Läs mer


NeuralTools performs predictions in Microsoft Excel using sophisticated neural networks. NeuralTools imitates brain functions to "learn" patterns in your known data, and uses those patterns to make predictions from new, incomplete data. In addition, NeuralTools can automatically update predictions live when input data changes, saving time and enabling more robust analyses.  Läs mer


StatTools® for forecasting and advanced statistical analysis

StatTools performs forecasting and statistical analysis in Microsoft Excel. It actually replaces Excel's built-in statistics functions with its own, more robust and accurate functions. StatTools covers the most common statistical analyses, and even allows you to build your own custom statistical procedures.  

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Evolver performs optimization in Microsoft Excel using genetic algorithms, linear programming, or the OptQuest solving methods. It is equally suited to finding the best solution to linear problems large and small, or to finding the best overall global solution to nonlinear, complex problems where other solvers fail. Evolver constantly tries new, different solutions to arrive at the best answer possible.    Läs mer


RISKOptimizer uses genetic algorithms or OptQuest methods, along with Monte Carlo simulation, to solve optimization problems under uncertainty. Take any optimization problem and replace uncertain values with @RISK functions that represent ranges of possible values. RISKOptimizer will try different combinations of adjustable cells to achieve the goal you define, while running Monte Carlo simulations on each trial solution to account for inherent uncertainty. The result is the most robust, accurate solution possible.  Läs mer